Raceday timetable for Carrs Road Raceway


These times are for Club Days. If the meeting is a championship event and an entry form is required these times will be different. Check the information sheet of the entry form.

Times (Please note all times are approximate)

7.15am: Gates Open
7.30am: Scrutineering and entries. Please don’t be late. Queue in the scrutineering line with your kart in ready to race condition, race suit and Competition Licence. Your kart and race gear will be checked and you will be provided with a card. Take your card to the shop and pay your entry fee where the card will be stamped. Take this card to the Tech Shed with your current membership card and Competition Licence for documentation.
8.30am: Entries Close. Entries MAY NOT be accepted after this time.
8.45am: Drivers briefing. You will be informed who the meeting officials are for the day and any other general information.
9.05am: Practice in class order. Check the race day programme for the race order. Two 3 Minute Tuning runs per class followed by racing.
Racing: Grids are placed on a board in the pits. It is your responsibility to ensure you are on the correct grid in time for your race. When you have grid 1 – 6 you are required to provide a flag marshal for that race.
4.30pm: Approx meeting finish. Every one to the club house.

Race programme and practice

The club provides a race programme at most meetings. Check the programme for the race order and it will also be the order you will go out for practice. Ensure you know which class goes out before you so you can be ready for your run.

Driver’s briefing

You will be requested at approx. 08.45am to assemble near the pit grid where you will be informed who the meeting officials are for the day and any other general information. You must attend and if you are a minor (under 18 years) the person who signed as guardian must also be in attendance.


Grids for the day are posted on the notice board. If you are a new senior competitor you will have a separate grid for the Wales Trophy race. This event is for new drivers and you only compete in this in your first year of competition or you win it three times. Take your kart to the grid when your race is called or the race prior to your race has left the grid. Ensure your helper removes your stand /trolley to the designated area or back to your pit.

When you get onto your allocated grid position memorize the kart in front and beside you. (If you are on grids 1-6 you have to supply a flag marshal.) When you move out onto the track, keep beside the kart opposite your grid position and about a metre behind the kart in front. Remember, if the kart in front of you pulls out or did not start you can not move up into this position, gaps are to be left. You will get at least one rolling lap before the start. This is the opportunity to warm up your tyres. Just roll the kart from side to side about a metre, this will warm up the tyres evenly. Do not throw the kart around in wild swings as there is a good chance you may spin and/or take another driver out. Stewards frown on this activity. Aggressive movements will not heat up the tyres evenly and will scrub off rubber very quickly.

When the chequered flag comes out, that is the end of the race, even if you did not complete all the laps. Drivers are placed on laps completed and providing you crossed the no-go line you are classed as a starter.If you received a black flag (either rolled up or waved at you) you must report to that steward with in 15 minutes. If you are under 18 years you must have your parent or guardian with you. Remember to take your competition licence with you.

Normally the day’s competition is contested over 5 heats. Points awarded are 1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd etc. The first 4 grids are pre-drawn, you start from 4 different but equal grid positions. The theory of the these four grids is that if everyone finished in their grid position all drivers would have equal points, so passing is very important. Following these 4 races the points are added and the points leader starts from the front of the grid for the 5th heat. At the conclusion of the 5 heats, the points are again added, the drivers worst race is deleted from the results, and a winner emerges.

Engine inspection

At the completion of racing you may be requested to provide your engine for technical inspection. Check the board outside the Tech Shed to see if you are required. Remove the engine from the kart (unless you are racing a gearbox kart) and take it to the technical shed. Do not remove any parts from the engine until you are instructed to do so. You must have all the tools required to dismantle the engine. If you are not sure how to dismantle your engine you can appoint someone to do it for you.

Handicap race

Following the championship series and if time permits there is a handicap race, usually over a greater distance. The senior drivers will have an all-in rolling start, starting position will be given to you by the pit steward. All other classes have a standing start. The handicap positions are posted on the notice board.

After a Race

After a race you must return to the pits via the pit shute. If you have broken down you must stay with your kart until the race has completed. Your crew can not come onto the circuit until the race is completed and you must return via the pit shute. At some events the pit shute may be closed, in this case you must get approval from the official to go onto the track.

General club rules

  • Karters must make themselves conversant with the rules governing karting.
  • Karts may not be driven without another person present.
  • Presentation of a current club membership card may be requested at any time.
  • Non members may only use these facilities when a senior club member is in attendance.
  • Only drivers from each age group may be on the track at any one time.
  • Novice drivers in all classes MUST display a clearly visible “X” on a second number plate on the back of their kart.
  • Drivers must be correctly clothed at all times. ie. approved crash helmet, goggles/visor, gloves, footwear and race suit.
  • Karts MUST display race numbers at all times.
  • Karts MUST have airboxes fitted.
  • Karts making excessive noise will be flagged off the track.
  • Karts may only leave and enter the pits via the correct ENTRY and EXIT.
  • Driving into the pits via the pit grid is not acceptable.
  • Karts MUST travel around the circuit in the same direction (anti clockwise).
  • Drivers must indicate with a hand signal that they are pulling off the racing circuit.
  • Karts are to be pulled well clear of the circuit if a breakdown occurs.
  • Karts are not to be worked on track side.
  • Driving karts in the pit area is not permitted.
  • Drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crew.
  • The pit area is to be kept in a tidy condition. Please use the rubbish bins provided.
  • Vehicles are not to be PARKED in the pits at anytime. This includes practice and race days.
  • Animals must be kept under strict control at all times and are not permitted in the pit area or race track area during competition or practice.
  • No Tents or EzyUps are permitted against the marked pit areas against the fence.
  • Refueling of karts in/on the grid area is not permitted.
  • Using the track outside the set times (Saturdays and Sundays 9am – 7pm) is prohibited.
  • No engines are to be started before 9am.
  • No engines are to be running after 5pm.
  • Please report any damage or injury as soon as possible to a club official.
  • The Christchurch Kart Club Incorporated cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or damage to equipment.