Tuning will be in 10 minute sessions

Saturday – 09.00am to 5.00pm

Tuning is in 10 Minute sessions with all Classes taking turns.

Sunday – 09.00am to 5.00pm

Tuning is in 10 Minute sessions with all Classes taking turns.

Practice or kart testing on weekdays is not permitted, except for:

  • Wednesday Afternoons 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm – Tuning is in 10 Minute sessions with all Classes taking turns.
  • A limited amount of Fridays as clearly indicated in the Club Calendar.
  • Use of the track outside these times is forbidden, severe penalties will be imposed.
  • Note: There is no testing allowed on 25th Dec irrespective if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • There is no testing allowed on any Statuatory Holiday except if clearly indicated on the club calendar. There is definitely NO testing ever on Anzac day.
  • Mixed age class practice / tuning will not be tolerated.
Vintage Karters
  • Vintage Karters are permitted to use the track for practice on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9am to 1pm within the 10 minute rotation of practice.
  • Please note, no other karts are to use the track at the same time as vintage karts.
  • All general club rules as below also apply to Vintage Karters using the facility.


Locks are on the entry gate, the toilets beside the club rooms and all track entry points. If you are last to leave the track, regardless of the time please ensure the toilet block door (beside the club rooms) is locked, the gates into the pits are shut and the gate into the raceway is shut and secure. Leaving the gate open invites undesirables which in most cases lead to vandalism. Access to the scales can be arranged by contacting a Club Committee member.


Please report any damage to the property, whether it be a smashed fence, broken window etc. to a committee member immediately.

Use of Carrs Road Raceway

With effect from 1st January 2015 anyone using the Carrs Road Track is required to be a member of KartSport Canterbury and hold either a KSNZ Competition Licence, a KSNZ Practice Licence or a KSNZ Vintage Kart Licence unless they are taking part in a ‘Have a Go’ session with  person(s) authorised to arrange this.

The raceway is available to all members for testing at set times. Always have someone with you when you use the track. When using the track you must comply with ALL rules and regulations for kart and apparel. Occasionally the track is hired out, or closed. This information is usually printed in the race calendar, race day programme, emailed to the membership and/or posted on the website. When there is a race meeting the only persons who may use the circuit are the entrants for the day. If there is a championship event being conducted the day before the event tuning is only available to the entrants and the practice/tuning is controlled.

A $10 practice fee will be charged for use of the track on the practice day prior to each meeting, ie if there is a meeting on a Sunday then the practice fee applies to the Saturday.  If it is a 2 day meeting and the track is available Friday then the practice fee applies to the Friday.  An annual practice pass will be available from the membership secretary for $100. This pass does not cover practice fees for the likes of the South Island Champs but does cover the, approximately, 14 days per year when the club’s practice day fees will apply.  Please note if you wish to practice but do not wish to pay the practice fee then the track is still available, to members, free of charge, on Wednesday afternoons and non race weekends.

General club rules

  • Karters must make themselves conversant with the rules governing karting.
  • Karts may not be driven without another person present.
  • Presentation of a current club membership card may be requested at any time.
  • Non members may only use these facilities when a senior club member is in attendance.
  • Only drivers from each age group may be on the track at any one time.
  • Novice drivers in all classes MUST display a clearly visible “X” on a second number plate on the back of their kart.
  • Drivers must be correctly clothed at all times. ie. approved crash helmet, goggles/visor, gloves, footwear and race suit.
  • Karts MUST display race numbers at all times.
  • Karts MUST have airboxes fitted.
  • Karts making excessive noise will be flagged off the track.
  • Karts may only leave and enter the pits via the correct ENTRY and EXIT.
  • Driving into the pits via the pit grid is not acceptable.
  • Karts MUST travel around the circuit in the same direction (anti clockwise).
  • Drivers must indicate with a hand signal that they are pulling off the racing circuit.
  • Karts are to be pulled well clear of the circuit if a breakdown occurs.
  • Karts are not to be worked on track side.
  • Driving karts in the pit area is not permitted.
  • Drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crew.
  • The pit area is to be kept in a tidy condition. Please use the rubbish bins provided.
  • Vehicles are not to be PARKED in the pits at anytime. This includes practice and race days.
  • Animals must be kept under strict control at all times and are not permitted in the pit area or race track area during competition or practice.
  • No Tents or EzyUps are permitted against the marked pit areas against the fence.
  • Refueling of karts in/on the grid area is not permitted.
  • Using the track outside the set times (see above) is prohibited.
  • No engines are to be started before 9am.
  • No engines are to be running after 5pm.
  • Please report any damage or injury as soon as possible to a club official.
  • The Christchurch Kart Club Incorporated cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or damage to equipment.