Hot Start Guide

Before joining the sport we recommend you read the requirements needed to get you on track. This information is best read through KartSport NewZealand’s Hot Start Guide


The club has various options to assist you in having a go before you join up. Use our contact form to flick us a message with your age and requirements and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Joining The Club & KartSport New Zealand

Before you are able to use the track or facilities you must become a member of KartSport Cantebury and of KartSport NewZealand. It is crucial that both these are done prior to using a kart on the track. Even if only practicing you must make sure you are a member and have a KartSport NZ practice license.

Applications to the club must be done first using the Membership Portal. Once application is complete and distributed to you, you will be able to apply for a KartSport license.

*Please allow time for this to happen. Processing of memberships and KartSport license can take a few weeks