This is to certify that I/We, the undersigned, submit this application to participate in KartSport Canterbury’s race and practice days (official and unofficial) at the Carrs Road Raceway and Ruapuna International Motor Raceway up until my/our membership expires.
I/We acknowledge and agree to accept as a condition of membership that the FIA-CIK; MotorSport New Zealand; KartSport New Zealand; KartSport Canterbury; Christchurch City Council; the Canterbury Car Club; all sponsors and all or any members, officials and assistants of any of the above named and or known organisations, or their respective servants, officials, representatives, or agents shall not be under any liability whatsoever for the death or bodily injury, loss or damage, which may be sustained or
incurred as a result of my/our participation in any event however such death or bodily injury, loss or damage is caused not withstanding that such death, injury loss or damage may have been contributed to or caused by negligence of KartSport Canterbury or KartSport New Zealand or any of their respective officials, servants, representatives or agents or by any other person. Minors under 18 years, must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature approving conditions of entry and indemnity. Witness being the only person to represent minor at any judicial hearing.
I/We give consent for the collection of the details submitted by KartSport Canterbury for the purpose of a membership record and for KartSport Canterbury to retain and disclose these to KartSport New Zealand Inc and Sport New Zealand. I/We acknowledge my/our right to access and correction of this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.