Welcome to Membership Applications for 2017/2018

Thank you for patience over the past year as the new system has been implemented and improved. The online system is finally fully complete and ready for the 2017/2018 year. The system is simple but has a few complexities. Please follow the instructions below to create an account – make payment – access your membership account and card.


Decide Your Membership Application Type

Annual KartSport Canterbury

All memberships include a key and practice fees (except practice fees required prior to a KartSport NZ higher permitted event)

$160 – Junior Membership (6 years and under 17 years)

$195 – Senior Membership (18+ years)

$110 – Vintage Membership

$65 – Social Membership (non-driving membership – 18+ Years)

$295 – Family Membership (Family membership is only available to immediate family members living at the same address)


Creating an account and purchasing a membership subscription

All members of the club are required to have a subscription account with KartSport Canterbury for 2017/2018. Applications are simple for all membership types apart from family memberships. Family membership require a primary member to sign up using a selected family subscription. Once completed, extra family members can be added using one of the standard subscription packages. Only the first family membership subscription must be paid – Extra family members must input the primary members name and use the discount code to remove additional fees.

Discount Code: 100FamMem17

Note: All accounts and members must have a separate email address. Email address can be acquired simply and for free through GMAIL, Hotmail or other providers.

This also applies for two members signing up e.g. one junior and one social. Make sure you log out and start the process again before you add another account or member.


Register For 2017/2018

Please use the register page to start your application. Choose your membership type and then fill in the fields to complete your application.

Choosing Payment Options

PAYPAL: PayPal is a secure way to pay using your credit or debit card. A PayPal account can be used/made to keep track of payments or you can pay direct with your card.

BANK DEPOSIT: Choosing Bank Deposit will display a message on what account to make your payment to. For reference you will see this message (Pay by Direct Credit – Westpac a/c 03 0802 0185318 00 – Please use your Name/Membership as reference)

Paying by PayPal is recommended to access your account and membership card immediately. Bank deposit can take between 1 to 2 weeks to authorize your membership.

Discount Codes:

100FamMem17 – For Additional Family Members

PPDIS17 – 10% discount on memberships applied for before 1st August 2017

After Account Creation

After you have made your payment you will be automatically redirected to you account page. Your account page can also be found here

Applying By Form

Applying by emailed or mailed form will no longer be prioritised, although this option is still available. Simply fill out the form and post or email to address listed on the form. Once this form is processed you will be added to membership database, membership card emailed to you and you can access your account.

Gate Keys

Gate keys will not posted out. Once application is complete your name will be added to a collection list. Collection of keys will be from the club shop at KartSport Canterbury events. Prior collection can be arranged but is not guaranteed.

Membership List

KartSport Canterbury is a members club. The track usage is only available to current club members. Once account creation is made you will access to a membership list. Please utilise this list to ensure our track is used responsibly and by the correct people.